Georgia MVP Voter Information Page

Georgia’s MVP (My Voter Page)

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has created a voter information page which will enable you to get all the details you need to participate in Georgia’s elections and to check the accuracy of the information the State has listed for you. The choices are clear and uncomplicated:

Go to the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page”

Enter the four bits of information in the “MVP Login” box at the right side of the page.

As you’ll see on the next page, you can check on one, or all, of your:

  • Voter registration status: Your name and address, race, gender, the date you originally registered to vote in GA, and whether your status is Active or not, which is good to know in advance. Click a button in this box to change your information if necessary.
  • Mail-In application and ballot status: Arrange to vote off-site by clicking on the link to get an absentee ballot application in advance, and check back later at this same spot to see your present absentee ballot status.
  • Poll location: Very helpful. View your precinct number and its actual address, and click on a button that will give you directions to that polling place. In this same box, click to see available early voting locations and times.
  • Elected Officials: Click on “Officials Elected Statewide” to see current state officeholders for the U.S. Senate and ten other positions within the state, from governor through state school superintendent. Click on an office name to find more info on the person holding the position.
  • Registration information on file with the county office
  • Sample ballot for the upcoming election: Get a closer look at the candidate(s) running and the issues, as they will actually appear on the ballot you’ll see when you go to the poll. Saves a lot of time: No more trying to hunt down a sample ballot on the Internet or in local newspapers!
  • Provisional Ballot status: Obtain a provisional ballot prior to an election if the state cannot verify your supplied voter information during the usual checks, and requires more info from you. If you’ve applied for the provisional ballot, you can check the status of it here.

At the bottom of the page, you can see a few helpful hints to newly registered (and existing) voters:

  • Before you head out to vote, check on your designated polling place (shown in the block at the upper right of the page).
  • Confirm your voter registration date in the Voter Information block at the top left.
  • Click on “current election calendar” in the small print near the bottom of the page to see details on the upcoming election(s).
  • Below the calendar link, you can click a button that will enable you to “Print / Email Precinct Card”. This card has the same details on your registration that you have seen in the two blocks at the top of the page.

On the right-hand side of this same page, you’ll see five buttons:

  1. Click the “Georgia Voter ID” button to verify that you have the things you’ll need to take to the polling place to cast your vote. There you’ll see a list of six major headings, under which there are variations acceptable for each item, for a total of about seventeen options. Don’t be put off, though, you have a lot of choices but you will only need to bring one of these with you. As an alternative, if you prefer, you can apply in advance for a free Voter Identification Card to use at the poll.
  2. The “Stop Voter Fraud” link leads to a page on which you can report possible voting violations you’ve witnessed. You can fill in and submit the included form, or call a toll-free number directly to make your voice heard.
  3. The “Elections Division” button will lead you to a very informative page, with links such as “KEY ELECTION DATES AND INFORMATION”, “MILITARY AND OVERSEAS VOTING”, “REGISTER TO VOTE”, a blog-style regularly updated list of “LATEST ELECTIONS NEWS” items, and big list of helpful pages under the heading “QUICK LINKS” in the right sidebar of the page.
  4. Select the “Elections Advisory Council” button to view a page detailing voting legislation changes and proposals that have been done or are in process in the state. The “QUICK LINKS” in the right sidebar will provide you with all kinds of information related to voting in Georgia, including methods for you to send your comments or complaints related to improving the process.
  5. The “Georgia VoteSafe” link will give you details on a state program to “provide for the confidentiality of residence addresses of certain registered voters who have been, or may be, subject to acts of family violence or stalking or currently reside in a family violence shelter”.

Takeaway: Georgia’s MVP (My Voter Page) provides useful information in an easy to understand format. It can help you avoid extra hassle, and exercise a basic Constitutional right.

2 Responses

    • Glenn Anton

      Ms. Gunn,

      You can still vote if you’re registered. Try contacting the Secretary of State’s Office:

      Office of Secretary of State
      State Elections Division
      2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
      Suite 802 West Tower
      Atlanta, Georgia 30334
      Phone: (404) 656-2871 or Fax: (404) 651-9531
      V/TTY: (404) 656-1787
      Toll Free: (888) 265-1115

      Or read this. I think it would apply to your situation, not just to those who received letters:

      If you applied to register to vote in Georgia and received a letter from your county board of registrars stating that your application is in pending status because the information on your application failed to match your information on file with the Georgia Department of Drivers Services or Social Security Administration, you will be able to vote by absentee ballot, during early voting or on Election Day if you show an acceptable form of identification when you go to vote or when you request an absentee ballot. The acceptable forms of identification for this purpose are:

      1. A Georgia driver’s license (including an expired Georgia driver’s license);
      2. Any valid state or federal government issued photo ID, including:
        • free Georgia voter identification card issued by your county’s registrars;
        • Georgia State ID issued by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS);
        • valid student ID card issued by a Georgia public college, university or technical school;
        • a valid out-of-state driver’s license;
        • public transit issued photo ID card; and
        • any other federal or state agency or government issued photo ID card.
      3. A valid United States passport;
      4. A valid employee photo identification card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the United States government, this state, or any county, municipality, board, authority, or other entity of this state;
      5. A valid United States military photo identification card; or,
      6. A valid tribal photo identification card.

      Once you show an acceptable form of photo identification at your polling place or early voting site, cast a ballot and receive credit for voting, your application will be changed from pending to active status.

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