Indivisible GA-11 is working hard to improve conditions for all our citizens through dialog and political action. Here is a list of issues we feel are important:

ACCOUNTABILITY OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS: Keeping our representatives honest and responsive to our needs.

THE ECONOMY: Opportunities for everyone to participate in the American dream.

HEALTH CARE: Quality health care for every American is key to productivity.

EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL: America was built on respect for individual rights. Diversity equals strength.

PUBLIC EDUCATION: Americans grow and succeed when everyone has an equal opportunity for a quality education.

EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN: When women succeed, we all succeed.

REGULATION OF WALL STREET: Big corporations, loosely regulated, don’t always do the right thing.

PRESERVING SOCIAL SECURITY / MEDICARE: You’ve earned your peace of mind; “entitlement” is not a dirty word. 

EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS: Election integrity, and every American’s right to cast a vote: The core of our Democracy.

ENVIRONMENT / CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change is real. It’s up to us to protect our environment.

STRONG AND FRIENDLY FOREIGN RELATIONS: Diplomacy is the key to world peace.

SUPPORT FOR OUR VETERANS: We stand behind our pledge to those who defend our country.