Where is Tax Refund Billboard

Bad News in Your 2018 Tax Return?

Indivisible GA-11 wants feedback from you if you think you might be getting bad news in your 2018 tax return. How does your tax refund (if you’re getting one) compare to your previous ones?

A billboard we’ve placed off Highway 41 in Acworth asks a question that’s important to many of the “other 99 percent” of Americans.

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2 Responses

  1. Beth P.

    They took out $100 less per month from my teacher retirement. Now I owe $1,300 on Federal taxes. Some tax break.

  2. NorseCrow

    How about asking people to compare their TAXES PAID via payroll instead of focusing on returns
    Returns are NOT the measure they need to be paying attention to.
    My refund was down ~200$, but I PAID ~1800$ LESS.
    So it was a SIGNIFICANT tax break.
    #TaxesPaidNotRefunds #LearnToMath