Ginny Lennox - Candidate for GA HD20

Ginny Lennox Running for Georgia House

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Ginny Lennox is running for Georgia House District 20. Living in Woodstock for almost 30 years, she says that she cares about the well-being of Georgians enough to represent them, honestly and effectively. She points out that Georgia is lagging in providing adequate health care, educational opportunities, and protection of the environment for everyone, and accordingly, she wants to change that.

Regarding U.S. states providing quality health care for their residents, she says that she’s weary of reading the stats and finding that Georgia ranks at or near the bottom of the charts.

Ginny has had a long career in education, so she knows that hiring, training, and keeping the best teachers make a difference in quality education. Funding is critical.

A very important issue to Ginny is our environment, partly because she’s a mother and grandmother, and she feels that we all need to work today on behalf of future generations. As stewards of the earth, she believes, we need to stop simply lamenting what has come to pass, and press government and industry to set environmental protection as a top priority.

Ginny wants us to know that the time for action on this list is now!

You can read more about Ginny’s plans, get details about upcoming meet-the-public sessions, contribute to her campaign, and send her a personal message at her Website. She also maintains a Facebook page.

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  1. Johnny DeLoach

    MSNBC is airing a 4 part series “American Swamp”. I found the series on Comcast and we watched part 1 last night. The subject was dark money in politics. Worth watching because the ending discussed the success Montana was having in dealing with the problem. Their approach is worth considering and should be across party lines since Montana is heavily Republican (even though they have a Democratic governor and senator). Georgia could be well served to consider a similar approach. Cheers!

  2. Jeff M

    You go Ginny! You have my vote. Is am very concerned about climate change. You have been a wonderful neighbor since I moved here in 1997. I know you will do what is right

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