Indivisible GA-11 is a political activist group in Georgia. Located in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, we’re patterned on the national Indivisible model for political change. The two basic tenets of the Indivisible philosophy involve a local activist/election strategy concentrating on individual Members of Congress, and working to stop Donald Trump and like-minded politicians from spreading an agenda based on corruption, racism, and authoritarianism.

We’re focusing the energy of large groups of people who embrace causes that will benefit us all, by:

  • Attending our existing State Senators’ and District Representatives’ public appearances, and visiting or calling their offices to get our questions answered, to influence decisions, and to let them know when we feel that they’re doing the right thing.
  • Participating in local events to expand a national effort, such as the recent Women’s, Science, and Tax Marches and rallies, voter registration drives, and so on.
  • Supporting potential candidates for state and federal offices who share our goals, with meetings to express our views, telephone banks, rallies, canvassing, transporting of voters to the polls, funding, etc.
  • Holding our own monthly meetings and other events at which we can develop plans to achieve positive change.
  • Maintaining regular dialogs and offering support to other area groups with complementary goals.

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