Indivisible GA-11 is a group of like-minded citizens in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District seeking to hold our elected officials accountable, and to advocate for positive change in our district, the state of Georgia, and nationally. We are a grassroots political group, and we welcome all manner of viewpoints and opinions.

The group formed in the wake of the 2017 presidential inauguration when it became apparent that the concerns of many in our district were being ignored by our representative in Congress. We are a registered 501(c)4, but our hierarchy ends there. This group is a tool to empower you. Do you want to plan a meeting with officials? Do you want to protest some action or politician? Do you want to get involved in some aspect of local politics? Do you simply need a community of people who are trying their best to make things better? This group is here for you.

Over the past four-plus years, group members have organized meetings with members of Congress, coordinated protests at key events, participated in actions to register voters, and volunteered our time and energy for all manner of campaigns and special elections. In lieu of our congressional representative’s unwillingness to hold a town hall meeting, we held one for him in his stead.

Although arranged around the GA 11th congressional district, our group is not solely focused on D.C. We are heavily involved in local politics, as well as efforts to effect positive change in the Georgia capitol. Local politics can move fast, so we also seek to keep our members informed about issues, bills, and upcoming events that are important to our home area and the state of Georgia at large.

We hope that you will join us in person at one of our monthly meetings and other events. View our Facebook page, get onto our mailing list, follow us on Twitter, and help out by volunteering if you can. Also, if you like what you see here, and you want to support the group financially, we welcome any and all donations to further our efforts. Thank you for being engaged, and we look forward to working with you here at the Indivisible GA 11th District.

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